Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Fun and easy planner

A couple of weeks ago Gina from the Rebookery posted a video on you Tube that was fantastic. Basically she takes old books and alters them to become a planner. I found it to be the best idea ever. I've struggle with using a diary, it's so boring! I've tried bullet journaling but failed miserably as it took to much time and was too precise!

Here is Gina's first video ( she has others which you can pop over and watch):

Gina's idea really clicked with me as it's super simple and you can be so imprecise! This means it's also super fast to do! Let's face it, most of us don't have time to be messing about measuring, drawing up tables, dividing pages with a ruler and so on!

I also made a video to show how I set mine up:

The other cool thing about this planner is that you can also use it as a planner come art journal come memory keeping journal. Which is perfect - you have everything in one spot! Yay! So really it's a planner journal not just a planner.

When I watched the video I just had to go out to the thrift store and find a book the right size to alter. Of course I couldn't buy one but bought three so I would have a choice. By the afternoon half the pages were torn out and the planner was on it's way!

Mine is quite different to Gina's as far as style is concerned but the idea is the same. I did decide to cover my journal with a fabric slip cover which also gives me 2 extra pockets.

Finally a way to keep track of the must dos and appointments combined with a little bit of fun memory keeping. Perfect for those of us who don't really journal on a daily basis but would like to keep some memories!

I made a couple of craft with me videos and updates as well. You can watch them here if you're interested.

So much fun! Make sure you check Gina's channel out she's super fun and creative! 

Would love to hear your thoughts about this great idea! Thanks for reading, best wishes Rachel

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  5. Rachel love this post on Planner, Junk Journal, Art Journal. While you and Gina have totally different styles, both of you gave some clever ideas to the rest of us!

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