Sunday, April 15, 2018

Yikes I'm on You Tube

Hi everyone I'm back after a long absence! I've taken the plunge and started my You Tube channel! It's been a huge thing for me being a shy person but I've done it and am quite enjoying it.

It's a great way to share new products and journals but also a great way to help with some of my patterns. In fact I'm going to use the channel to show how I do certain things to support my patterns.

So far there are 14 short videos showing journals, shopping hauls and already a little applique video.

In this video I show how I approach the applique in our Homespun Block of the month, 'My Butterfly Patch'. Next week I'll be finishing off the butterfly and moving onto Month 2. Yes I am behind! Where I can I will also post videos in Italian (even though I'm totally embarassed!)

Lately I've been journal making and shared these gorgeous journals on You Tube in 2 parts.

A couple are still left in my shop here

Part 1:

More is on the way so stay tuned! I'm working on a couple of new patterns. 

I hope this post finds everyone well! Thanks for reading! Rachel

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