Saturday, February 24, 2018

Shop update and new patterns

Today it's cold and wet! The perfect day to stay indoors and catch up on incomplete projects! I certainly have a lot of those lying around!!!

This week I finished up several journals, most of which have already sold! 

This one is still available in my shop here, and is super pretty!

In the works have been some Easter totes as well. Those are never missing in action! I also have a pattern for them (here) if you prefer to make them yourself!

Most exciting is I've finished two new patterns. I've been planning on making these for some time now and have finally sat down to write them! These new patterns are very detailed and I've used a lot of photos to help with explanations which makes life so much easier than trying to visualise just words!

The first is my 'Lulu Bear' pattern (here), named after my daughter as she helped me design it when she was 7 years old! This is especially sweet as it was developed through a child's eyes!

The second pattern I've completed, I was asked to do about 7 months ago! Didn't that take me a long time to tackle!!! It's for a lovely pouch I've been making for a number of years now. It's very sweet and definitely a crowd pleaser! I've named it the 'Sydney Pouch' don't ask me why, just because! It's available here.

I have some new patterns in the works, let's hope they don't take another 7 months to complete!

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Thanks so much! Hope you're having a lovely day!!!

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