Friday, July 28, 2017

Mandy Pattullo 'Textile Collage'

I'm thrilled to share with you today one of my faves by Mandy Pattullo 'Textile Collage'. I love, love, love her work! Have you seen it before? If not pop over to her blog 'Thread and thrift' here or you could even check out my 'Mandy Pattullo Style' Pinterest board! There are lots of her 'lovelies' saved there all in one place ready for you to drool over!!!!

I'm going to share some pages inside the book and show how we have been inspired by Mandy's gorgeous work. This photo gives us a sneak peek of her work area. Wouldn't you just love to go and have a sticky beak in there???? I know I would!

There are pages in the book about hunting and gathering, old quilts and all kinds of other yummy stuff to get the creative juices flowing! Looking at this photo I'm feeling a little bit of antique quilt envy! How I would love a pile of those. Would you????

Now to the exciting part some examples of her work and projects!

Mandy does a lot of textile collage with old pieces of fabric and quilts. I so love them! A while back I started these little pieces. Of course they have been sitting in my sewing room for about 6 weeks and remain incomplete! I even forgot about them until I pulled out her book today!

If you already know Mandy's work you will have already seen the gorgeous animal collages and embroideries she does. I can never get enough of these when I see them on her blog or on Pinterest!

In this photo you can see one of Mandy's gorgeous hares. Below the book is something I'm working on inspired by Mandy's work. I can't reveal it in it's entirity yet as it's incomplete, of course! So what's new??? It's also a gift for my dear friend so I'm afraid no revealing until it's complete and safely in her hands! Who knows when that will be???

A future project on the cards for me are Mandy's wonderful wallet fabric books. I have been collecting old wallets for a while and can't wait to get started on one of these treasures! 

Finally but not least Mandy's beautiful fabric books! Treasures to behold! I NEED a pile of these too!

Mum has started off my collection. She is also a fan of Mandy and has her book. When she found out the book was due for release she was bursting to get her hands on one!!!

I received this beautiful work of art from mum for Christmas. Oh how I treasure it!

What do you think about Mandy's wonderful pieces? Do you already have her book???

That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post!

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