Thursday, July 20, 2017

It's hot!

I don't know about you guys but the summer is sweltering here in Italy! It's hot, hot, hot! I don't go to the beach much here, it's a little bit ikky!! There are plenty of seagulls flying around but no sound of the ocean! The water is flat, shallow and warm and the sand is brown. No place for a true blue Aussie when we are used to beaches like this!!!

So how do we cope????? Whilst my daughter goes off to the pool with her friends, I stay inside a lot working on things I love, creative things of course! Fans are blaring and follow me around the house, sometimes two at a time! We also drink a lot of these!

Funnily enough with the heat we've been suffering I've been working on Christmas projects ( amongst other things)! Crazy I know!

It really is Christmas in July! 

I just finished these stockings for a client, loving the way they turned out! Today they are being shipped and will be on their way across the pond to their new home!

That's not all! To continue on the Christmassy theme (feeling a little crazy!) I wrote, and released two new Christmas patterns! New patterns in my shop have been a long time coming so these new patterns are a reason to CELEBRATE! They are now available in my Etsy shop

You can add a whole lot of CUTENESS to your Christmas tree, Christmas wrapping, stocking fillers and gift giving with the gorgeous, SUPER easy to make patterns!

Being Australian it's not odd to think of Christmas when it's hot! I don't know if I prefer a cold Chrissy or hot one??? I think I like both , mind you if I were garanteed of a white Christmas I might love that a little more! 

What's your preference- a hot or cold Christmas?

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  1. Penso che il tuo oceano sia tutta un'altra cosa rispetto al mare, ma almeno un poco di aria diversa dalla mia (pianura padana) riesci a respirare. Ciao

    1. Cettamente di si! Non so come la Pianura Padana in estate!