Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Art E-Classes

I really like the idea of mixed media art works and journals. Recently I took a class with Mati Rose called 'Daring Adventures in Paint'. It was a good way to get me painting. I finished one piece and have many more that are in various stages of progress.
Paintings by Mati Rose
Another artist that Rachel and I have always loved is Susana Tavares. a couple of weeks ago, I purchased her workshop called Paper and Paint. She makes it all look so easy.
Paper and Paint Workshop By Susana Tavares
I recently followed this tutorial on her blog for painting gift tags. I followed her instructions and produced these paintings. They are really little 3" x 3". I was actually amazed that they look ok. I wasn't sure if I could do it!!! They are nowhere near as good as Susana's but I can only keep trying.

Finally I love the work of Mindy Lacefield (Tim's Sally). She has a new 'Soul Bird' class and giveaway which looks really interesting. I am considering this one as well.
Soul Bird Workshop by Mindy Lacefield
Some of my favourite art works are on Pinterest. There is just so much inspiration on there. I purchased a couple of Pam Garrison original paintings and want to start collecting a few more including a Susana Tavares work so that I can start building up a wall of art.

There are so many inspiring artists out there and I hope that I can one day develop my own unique style. I figure that doing classes is a great way to get started and learn some new techniques.

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