Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kantha Love

We all love Kantha quilts in our family. I bought my first one at the Sydney Quilt Fair earlier this year. At the same fair, we came across a Sydney shop called Cash Palace Emporium which imports beautiful items from India and Japan. On the weekend, mum and I went to find Cash Palace Emporium and we were not disappointed. Just diving up to the shop evoked great excitement with the most amazingly colourful window display of devine items and a huge pile of red toned Kantha quilts right at the door.

Upon stepping inside, it was sensory overload. There are piles and piles of Kantha quilts, embroidered cushions, vintage trims, clothes, jewelry and much more. I just didn't know where to start but very quickly gravitated towards the pink pile. I knew that there was no way that I was going to leave that shop without buying my second Kantha quilt. The hard part was picking just one. Below are my two Kantha Quilts. They are both stunning!

We got to meet the lovely Elaine Townshend owns and runs the shop. She very happily let us rummage through a massive box of scrap Kantha pieces and pull out what ever we wanted. I got a whole heap for only $5....... bargin!!! Some of the many scraps that I bought are below. Mum bought lots too and is making a wall hanging. Once she is done I will blog it.

I also bought a beautifully vintage embroidered cushion. There were many pretty ones but my son liked the Indian elephant god- Ganesha so we picked the one below.

She had lots of vintage Japanese Kokeshi dolls so I couldn't resist one of those as well. Now that I have one, I think I will start a collection. I love the vintage dolls.

You can follow the store on Facebook but I strongly suggest that if you like vintage Indian textiles and you are in Sydney, then you visit the store. It is located at 139 Catherine St, Leichhardt, Sydney, and is open from Monday-Sturday, 10am - 5pm. You will want to go back regularly as Elaine goes on buying tours quite often so she always has new stock.

Elaine Townshend at Cash Palace Emporium


  1. Love love love what you bought! We forgot to go when i was there!!!!

  2. Awww...❣! How beautiful your kantha quilts are! You are so self disciplined to choose just one quilt from the huge collection of treasures like that...^^ Oh and those vintage kokeshi dolls from Japan are lovely, too ♥