Friday, September 29, 2017

Folding fabric tutorial

I don't know about you but one of my biggest challenges has been how to fold my fabric so it always looks tidy!

No joke this is typically how my shelves used to look most of the time!

I've always wondered how those people with super tidy fabric shelves and drawers do it!

It's easy to fold your fabric when you first buy a fat quarter or meter of fabric and haven't cut into it yet, but what happens when you start using it and have uneven bit hanging off it everywhere???? This for me is when the mess begins!

With no system in place it's a tiresome task keeping fabrics tidy and even when they were tidy the piles were always uneven with bits hanging out. Plus when they are mess I can't find anything! Does anybody else have that problem???

Well I found a fabulous method on Pinterest (here) that has revolutionized my shelves! You must try it, I promise you won't look back! 

I mean seriously look at those shelves now!!!!

 Now with this new method even when they are messy they are not like before. In this photo you can see a neat pile on the left and messy pile on the right! Not too shabby!!!!!

I thought I would share the tutorial putting it into practice so you can see the results for yourselves!

First of all you need to prepare a cardboard template. I wanted 3 piles on my shelf so I made my template slightly smaller than the space designated. Mark your width and height. I have different templates for drawers, shelves with 3 piles and shelves with 2 piles for bulkier fabrics.

Always start folding the width

Make one fold

Then remove the card, place on top and fold again

Continue this process until you reach the end

Now start folding in the height direction. When you reach the end you can slide the card out.

Tips and tricks. Some fabrics are tricky as the have bits hanging and are not rectangle or square. Here you will need to see which way is best to start and try to fold so those tricky end are folded inside.

Any little ends I tuck inside and not over the outside.

Finally for larger pieces of fabric start with them already folded in half.

Messy pile and neat piles

Oh and coffee/tea is a must!

Messy drawer with now neat bits! Yay!!!!

Summary this method is garanteed to work. All your fabrics will be folded the same size, lay flatter and will be less creased! 

The downside is when you have to overhaul your whole fabric stash it's time consuming! I do a little at a time so as not to be overwhelmed. 

When I'm working I just throw the fabrics in a pile and then when my project is finished I take out my template and fold!

Let me know if you try this method and how it worked for you. I'd also love to know any different fabric folding methods that work well too!

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Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Wow, what a great method! thanks so much for sharing!


    1. You're welcome! Let me know if you try it!!!!

      Regards Rachel