Thursday, October 05, 2017


I'm going off track a little today and am going to share some other fun creative things I like to do!

I've always admired watercolor painting. I think I love the soft colors and washed out look that can be achieved with watercolors. In a previous post (here) I mentioned I visited my friend Carla and she showed me some little tricks for watercolor painting. 

I really enjoyed my mini lesson with her but as I'm no great 'Picasso' I felt I needed some more instruction! There are plenty of places to go to for this online. One of my faves is Creativebug . You can do a free 2 week trial and then if you like it you can sign up for just $US4.95 a month. They have endless courses for every type of creative activity.

First I watched a half hour live session they did (here) which offered great ideas for creating watercolor tags. I think pages of these exercises will help with controlling the brush and seeing what effects you can achieve. It's important to note I am a complete novice so will be keeping it simple! I don't expect to be painting large lovely artworks to hang on the wall!!!! 

Another great place is You Tube where I found many demonstrations (I'm yet to try them). They all make it look so easy boohoo!!!

Here are a few I really like:

Jay lee Watercolor painting

Wonder Forest by Dana Fox


Jenny Journals

Then you can look down the side bar and see many more suggestions.

To help inspire me I also created a Pinterest board called 'Painted flowers style' as we all know there is a wealth of inspiration to be found there!!!!

And doodling inspiration too which could be used for sweet tags as well!

Of course I couldn't limit myself to just painting I had to make myself a little practise book! I did a free workshop for this with Roben Marie Smith (here). I can't seem to find the link to that mini course but if you sign up to her mailing list every so often she will invite you to join so course or tutorial.

I didn't decorate the front of mine as I love the cover and binding as is. I used the Midori traveller's notebook style of binding with elastic band so I can remove the pages or add more if I want to.

I sewed watercolor postcard paper (as taught by Roben Marie) and also added an envelope so I can store pre-cut tags and pieces of paper in there ready to be painted!!!


There's a lot of fun to be had! I hoping to find some more time to play around and improve! I'm looking for to making lots of tags!!!!

Oh last but not least I thought it might be a great exercise to practise mixing colours. I found a great tutorial for this, again on Pinterest (here). I could literally sit and do this all day!

I hope you found this post enjoyeable! If anyone has any other great suggestions for tutorials etc please let me know!

I'm am working on a rather big project and will be sharing some of that soon. When I launch it I will be offering a special discount to those on my list!

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Thanks for reading!!!

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