Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Labour of love!

As my daughter is finishing elementary school and moving onto middle school the other mother's in her class asked if I would make some cushion for their teachers. Of I said yes with great pleasure!

On one side they are embroidered with the kid's names - 20 of them. There are 3 teachers so 3 cushions and 60 names to embroider! I methodically worked through the embroidery, it took forever! To give you an idea a 5 letter name took approximately 1 hour! I used a gorgeous antique handwove hemp as the base.

Recently I've also been madly buying vintage and antique French and English floral fabrics. Just love those! So I decidied to to include a little on the reverse side. The colours in the fabrics worked well with the colours I used to embroider the names.

Finally I was also asked to embroider a quote for the teachers as well. I did this on vintage doilies which I stitched in the center.

I will certainly say these gift were a labour of love!

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