Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Christmas market San Marino

This weekend was the first of several at the 'Natale delle Meraviglie' in San Marino. It was a beautiful sunny weekend but very, very cold! We had characteristic wooden houses in which to display our products. This is the view down the street

The amazing view over the Valle Marecchia towards San Leo, and yes that's snow you can see!
Putting together my stall was not an easy feat! I was in such a state of confusion it took me from 8am-12 pm to finally feel like I was in order! Thanks goodness my 10 year old daughter was there with me to help, advise and tell me off when panicking!!!

Here is my stall finally organised, Sunday I switched things up a little! I think I was able to improve my display. When you see all your goods on display like this you realise just how much work you've done then the exhaustion sets in!

At the end of the day, Sunday we had a spectacular sunset to end off a fun and successful weekend! Now it's back to woking on orders and restocking for the next weekends in San Marino. I'll be there 12-13 Dec, 19-20 Dec, 24-25-26-27 Dec, 31st Dec and then 1st Jan- 6th Jan.
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  1. I've never been in San Marino but it seems to me that it is a really special and beautiful place. Such places always have and art atmosphere that's why I love old cities very much.