Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pastel candy coloured gadget sleeves

Yesterday I took sone finished an order and took some time out to create something new, yeah!!! It was a daunting prospect thinking about what to create condsidering I haven't created too many new items since last year!

I have so many scrap pieces of fabric which I can't bare to throw out, so I decided to make some goodies with them. I have my scrap in clear plastic boxes divided into colours, so I took each box and cut heaps of small squares from each colour. The distressing thing is that I seemed to cut for ages but didn't even make a dint in my pink and blue boxes!!!

Then I arranged my squares in colours and sewed them together. At first I was thinking I was going to make some zipper pouches but then decided the size was perfect for iphones, blackberry etc. Totally inspired by my sister Sarah I placed a thin batting behind and machine quilted the patches I had created. As I final step I stitched up into gadget cases!