Saturday, April 20, 2013

Foundation Paper Piecing

I came across the technique of 'Foundation Paper Piecing' when I read this blog post by Kerri from Sew Deerly Loved. I watched the You Tube clip which very simply explained the technique. Then I used the pattern provided. It was quite easy once you got the hang of it.

My second attempt (Above) was inspired by this block by Hart Hill. I have had this picture saved as a favourite in Flickr for ages. I read all the comments on her block which lead me to the pattern on Amazon. It was easy to find. I used a few different liberty fabrics in this block which was fun to do.

My third attempt was from Pink Penguin's new book called 'Patchwork Please'. I was so excited when it arrived in the mail as I per-ordered it ages ago. There are so many great projects in this book as you would expect from Ayumi and there is a whole quilt made from this fantastic pattern (above) which I totally love. My next friend to have a baby girl will get a cot quilt made from this design as I really want to make one for someone. I made the blocks above smaller than recommended size and only did two flowers rather the nine as in the original quilt.


  1. Good job on the paper piecing! Love your little birdie block!

  2. Sas they are all so beautiful!