Thursday, February 09, 2012

Special order

I made all these goodies for a lovely customer. She lives in a hot, beachie, sunny place, hence she requested hibiscus flowers, turtles and whales on the bags. I think they turned out very sweet and are quite sunny! The bags are made with lovely cotton fabrics and are embellished with applique and embroidery.

I also made necklaces for the girls and some cushion slips too. Hope she likes them all! More images on flickr

The necklaces are made mostly with wooden beads and are completed with a felt embroidered flower.
I made the cushions on beautiful antique hemp linen with wool felt applique and hand embroidery.


  1. Wow! All those bags, necklaces and cushions are so lovely!!


  2. Every thing is just so pretty & cute
    Karen x