Friday, February 10, 2012

Lulu's scarf

I know after nearly a month of not putting very much on the blog I'm here every 5 seconds posting something!

This is a scarf I made for Lulu towards the end of October (before I got busy!). Lucy loves to sit with me when I'm sewing. SHe tells me she will draw me some patterns to inspire me. Boy does she inspire me at times! I loved her drawing of this rabbit so much I just had to put it somewhere. What better place than a scarf!!! I embroidered it exactly as per her drawing and she wares it with pride! The scarf itself is made with a mix of linen and cotton fabrics.

Who know maybe she will pass it on to her daughter or grand daughter!


  1. How cute, and such a lovely idea to capture her drawing in this way. Definitely an heirloom for the future. :)

  2. Such a cute rabbit, and the scarf is adorable - great idea!