Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some More Holiday Creations

It's good when I am on holidays as I actually get to sew. Here is another gnome. This one was for my son. He picked the colours that he wanted. All three gnomes were put out with some Easter eggs on Sunday morning. They look cute all together.

My son got his first wobbly tooth a couple of weeks ago and I thought that is was never going to come out. That was until my nephew Jack accidentally knocked it out whilst having a star wars pool noodle battle last Friday. The tiny tooth was recovered from the bottom of the pool and Jamie requested that I made him a tooth fairy pillow to put the tooth in, under his pillow. This is what I made. I used boy colours. On the back I embroidered 'Jamie's First Tooth 22.4.11'. I was going to write knocked out by Jack but it wouldn't fit.

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