Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Day's

Last week I went to the junior school here (year 7 and 8s) to do English conversation. I have an agreement with their English teacher to do something creative whilst speaking English. How lucky are they to have an English lesson doing something fun!!!! Before Christmas I had 2 sessions with them explaining what it's like to have an Aussie Christmas and then we made Christmas crackers. They loved it!!
For Valentine's Day I made a few samples of cards and they chose the paper heart chain and the paper clip card. I couldn't make the embellished heart with them as it's best with hot glue, as we all know too dangerous! The lesson went very well, they all enjoyed themselves (I think) even the boys. I was surprised to see that the year 6s are better working with their hands than the year 7s, and many of the boys have an enormous amount of creativity. Some of the best clips were made by boys!!! Unfortunately forgot to photograph their work but I'm going to ask their teacher if they still have them so I can take photos. My next 2 sessions with them are for Easter, can't wait. I'm already thinking about what to do especially because they do not have the Easter bunny here!!!!


  1. No Easter bunny, eh? Hmmm, perhaps a spring activity would be a good idea, or perhaps something to do with Good Friday/etc if they practice that?

  2. No they don't have good Friday. Besides explaining Easter I was going to have them make an Easter egg hunt basket.