Thursday, January 29, 2009


Last week I finished 2 cushions for a little girls bedroom. I was totally inspired by my Tuesday night creative embroidery class with Giuliana. She showed us how to make these gorgeous flowers which are cut very roughly and the sewn with the machine and hand embroidered. I just love them and have all kinds of ideas of what to do with them. Thank you Giuliana!!! The linen cushion is for Lucy, can't be helped she already claimed it. Inspiration for the blue cushion came from the linen one. I have a lot of ideas for children's cushions I just need to find the time. More images on flickr

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  1. lovely cushion and generally lovely work :) i'm pleased you found me on flickr, so that in turn i found you two talented ladies!

    looking forward to reading your blog and having a peek at all your pics :)