Saturday, February 17, 2018

Have you ever heard of Marna Lunt? She's a wonderful sewer and embroiderer from Northern England, she makes the most incredible lampshades and lanterns. I took a few of her online courses which I just loved. You can see them here .

I follow her on Instagram where she announced her new embroidery project Threaduary would start in February. Of course I had to pop over to her blog (being a huge fan) and see what it was about!

Basically it's a project anyone can participate in where you do some stitching (embroidery) everyday and post it on Instagram, being sure to #threaduary . 

Marna is amazing and has been embroidering the most amazing flowers EVERYDAY! My goodness I really don't know how she does it! Seriously hop on over to her instagram to have a little look!

Anyway I thought I'd share the various stages of what I'm working on in my efforts to participate! To be honest I have not been able to stitch everyday like Marna. Where does she find the time and energy?????

My beginnings - layering antique hemp and linen scraps on a scrap piece of batting!

I think I stared at it for a few days (already putting me behind schedule) thinking what I should do! Then I thought I'd better start putting some stitches on it and started rows and rows of slow stitching!

Then a light bulb lit up and I decided to do something floral. Please note I always start with incredibly vague ideas! No planning happens over here! 

First I thought I'd embroider some flowers and then stitch them on, but then changed my mind, of course! I cut them out and pinned them on my background along with flowers and leaves cut from an old French fabric I have.

I started to embroider the flowers, I want my stitches to be fairly random and not too regular. This is quite a challenge as it comes naturally to place each stitch next to the other in an orderly fashion!

I'm using mixed threads - Dmc, antique perle, DMC Alsace threads, Appleton wools and so on. Just whatever takes my fancy at the time! 

This is where I'm at right now. Who knows how long it will take? Especially considering I have no clear direction! 

Mum asked 'what are you going to make it into?' Goodness, who knows??? I'll have to see when it's finished! Any suggestions???? 

Don't forget to read more on Marna's blog and let me know if you decide to do some 'thread therapy' each day like Marna! 

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  1. I love this, a lovely take on boro. What about a bag, just something big enough to hold your keys, wallet, sunnies maybe, a strap to sling it over your shoulder for that trip to the movies, or pub or out for a coffee? Or a bag for your next embroidery project?

    1. Thank you for your ideas! They sound interesting will definitely have to have a think about those!

      Best wishes Rachel

  2. The background alone is beautiful! Then you add more amazing layers!

  3. So many people look at my sewing and ask what I'm making. My answer is that I don't have anything specific in mind. I do it for the joy of creating something new- it doesn't have to have a purpose other than that. If it can be used in some way then that's a bonus. Your work is lovely as it is.