Saturday, September 02, 2017

Stitching paper journals with Mary Ann Moss

Have you ever admired Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch from LA? If not you should hop over to her blog and have a peek!

As a stitching person I am always in awe of people who work with a different medium. Mary Ann Moss ( or MAM as her students call her) and Pam Garrison at two very talented ladies whose work I love love love!

Personally I am very intimidated by paper and painting. What you need to know is before I started sewing I tried to teach myself to paint with oils. Hahahahaaaa!!!! My favourite part of the painting process was mixing the colours. Sometimes I would then find I had no time left to paint before work so I had to store my new colours in the fridge so they didn't dry out!!

Here's a floral painting I did way back in 2001.

At the time I did not sew, I could only crosstitch! I was absolutely determined to learn to paint. This painting came from one of my favourite painting books by Patricia Moran 'The oil painters ultimate flower and portrait companion'. I just love this book. If you're a painter it's wonderful.

Anyway let's get back on track, recently I have been dabbling in junk journal making. See a past blog post here. Of course I don't keep a journal (another thing that intimidates me) but I certainly like making them!

When I saw Mary Ann's posts on Instagram about her Stitch Bookery course I just had to sign up. I managed to do so by the skin of my teeth as enrolments closed that day. Never fear, I believe she will reopen enrolments later this year. Anyway I thought this would be perfect for me - sewing old papers, letters, ephemera ( old and new) and fabrics together. What a combination and what fun!

So far I have completed week 1 and I think week 2. Two sweet accordion books and one little fold up book (I'll show this later possibly on FB or Instagram).

It's a new experience for me to make something 'just because'. Usually everything has to have a function. With this course you can make books with a function, to draw or for writing a journal, or you can make them just because they are visually pleasing to you. A great collection of bits and pieces you love and need to put somewhere.

It's so cool!!!!

I am so in love with this course! Each little book I make is carried around the house for days! I just can't stop looking at them! I think my husband has decided I'm more bonkers than he previously thought!


I also made some little cards with photos of a recent trip that slip into 2 pockets.

Of course my lovely 11-year-old Lulu likes to participate in any new thing I do and had to have a book of her own. As she says she was the brains and I was the hands!! She chose what she wanted included and I sewed it. I was not allowed off the chair until it was complete!

I love the way the little book turned out and we had great fun including some of her drawings as well. What a fun little memory keeper it is for her, very clever indeed!

Can't wait to start working on some other project ideas Mary Ann has provided!!! 

Has anyone done any of Mary Ann's course? If so I would love to hear about them! 

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Thanks for listening!!! Rachel

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