Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Snail mail

I love love love instagram! If you really want to be up to date with my creating it's best to keep track of my instagram account. The link is above. Anyway there  (and on Pinterest) I discovered snail mail. Nobody writes letters aymore due to email so someone (i don't know who) came up with snail mail!

Snail mail is kind of a cross between a care package and letter. You create a little folder with pockets which you then fill with small notes (letters) and items you want to send to your loved one or friend. So cool! People even decorate the envelopes and make them works of art as well!

So I made one for my siter and one for mum and I think they really loved them. Mum said she cried when she opened the packag!

For Sas: I made a needle book, some embroideries, trims and I sent her lots of die cut felt flowers and leaves in all the colours I know she loves! I may have included some die cut tags as well.

Here is Sas's needlebook. The bunny button was made by my friend.

 The embroidery in the backgorund was for Sas.

For mum: I included some embroideries, trims, die cut leaves and feathers, some old hand stamped fabrics she can use in her sewing projects, old fabric and a needlebook. I also made the folders using a heavy cardstock which I gessoed, painted, sprayed, collaged, basically went a little crazy! The pockets inside were created with a die cut pocket (love!), envelopes and antique envelopes.

Mum's folder:
Some of her goodies:

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  1. How beautiful! I would have loved to see more pictures of these sweet projects😊