Sunday, November 08, 2015

Felt Flower Wreath

Bloesem Kids | Bloesem Class: Felt flower making with Rubyellen Bratcher of MyCakies:
Inspired by the image above that I found on Pinterest, I decided to make my own wreath.
DIY Felt Bouquet. This post has links to making peonies, calla lilies, dusty millers, cabbage roses, eucalyptus leaves, anemones, ranunculuses and billy balls all out of felt.:

I used these tutorials for a felt wedding bouquet above to start off with; was inspired by other pictures on Pinterest like in my felt board and also made up a few of my own flowers. All the flowers are made from wool felt and the wreath is metal wrapped by more felt. Clearly I like bright colours!!
My version of the felt flower wreath
I think I might make some more but different sizes just like in the original picture. The wreaths look good in a bunch of three.
4 Beautiful Paper Flower Projects from Thuss Farrell's book 'Paper to Petal' - with FREE printable downloads! - #sweetpaul:
I absolutely love the book above which I bought a while ago and have made some of the paper flowers from it. I am sure you would be able to adapt some of their designs to make felt flowers. I think I will give it a go! Look how stunning some of the projects from their book are!!!
Gallery / Paper To Petal / 75 Whimsical Paper Flowers to Craft by Hand:

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  1. Amazing! Really gorgeous Sas! Lulu says she wishes she was there to create with you!

  2. Beautiful! May I ask what kind of metal frame you used?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi it's a round hobby metal frame which I think my sister wrapped with a trim and then she decorated it with flowers. I hope this helps, regards Rachel

  3. It's a metal ring wrapped in a thin strip of felt.

    1. Great thanks Sas that's what I thought you did!