Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gifts for the teachers

This year I was asked to make the end of year gifts for Lulu’s teacher. It was such an honour and pleasure to do this. The other mummies chose fabric storage baskets. I decided to keep them quite neutral (linens) so that way they could fit in most homes. 
To make the baskets I took my linen and antique hemp scraps ( I have a lot of these!) and I sewed them together using the ‘quilt as you go method’. I then I appliqued a vintage doily to each and made up the baskets. 
For their teacher who retired but still comes to school to do creative workshops I made these gorgeous lavender sachets.
To complete the gift I made personalised gift tags with appliqued bits and pieces and embroidery. On the reverse side I embroidered each teacher’s name and ‘class 4A 2015’ so they will always remember our kids!

1 comment:

  1. These are absolutely beautiful. The teachers will be thrilled, and they make a welcome change from chocolates. x