Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Hearts for a Valentine's Swap

So I was asked to take part in a Valentine's Swap on Flickr this year. There are 25 girls in the group and the idea was to make some type of Valentine's Card out of paper or fabric, e.t.c. I love paper but am not much of a card maker so decided to stick with what I know best, which is fabric and sewing. 
I used lots of vintage things, including fabric, French lace, buttons, string and doilies, mixed with some new things.They are flat.... my initial thought was to fill them with some lavender but I know that Australian customs confiscate that so didn't want to risk it.
When I was searching for inspiration I always look to one of my favourites- Pam Garrison. That girl just oozes with the most amazing creativity and has created some beautiful hearts.
Another source of inspiration was Hens Teeth. She does amazing mixed media, fabric, sewing, embroidery.... things! I loved her hearts which really got my ideas flowing. Finally Pinterest is always great for inspiration. I have a board where I like to pin all things Valentine.
I also made some heart confetti with an old copy of Pride and Prejudice, gold glitter paper and neon pink paper. I just love this combination. I sprinkled a bit of confetti in each envelope. I also decorated the envelopes but forgot to take some photos.
I know that some of the girls have already opened some of their Happy Valentine's Mail but I am waiting until 14th February!!! I have a little pile of envelopes that is gradually building up.
I  hope they like them????