Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bertozzi hand printing

Last week I went to the Fiera di San Martino in Santarcangelo and by chance discovered a wonderful stand with beautiful hand printed fabric products. I bought 2 gorgeous hand printed linen tea towels from them. Of course they are so gorgeous I won't be able to use them and will have to stitch them into something else! I went to their facebook page and website and saw so many beautiful things I felt I needed to share them with you. Of course I asked their permission to use some of their photos.

They use a very old traditional technique of block hand printing from this region. It's truely wonderful! I believe the dyes used are natural made from traditional secret recipes! Besides using the traditional design such as grapes, acanthus leaves and olives, they have also placed a modern spin on their designs which I absolutely love!

I also discovered Bertozzi have also adapted their wonderful designs to other products such as ceramics and bags!

When looking through their images I just keep thinking 'want want want'! I will definitely be paying a visit to their workshop sometime soon. Their address is Largo M.Maestri 50, Gambettola (FC) Italy. Pop over and vist their website and facebook page, definitely worth it!

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  1. Wow Rach. I love their stuff...Yet another reason to come and see you (and them) in Italy. Thanks for letting me know about their Facebook page. xx