Tuesday, October 21, 2014

First time dollie!

This is the first doll I ever made. Thursday I went to a big craft fair in Vicenza and saw some dolls made. I really liked their clothes but not their faces so much. They had interesting hairstyles too so I bought a pattern. I decided yesterday to have a go but had to change the face and did my own spin on the dolls hair and clothes as well. So basically the body is from the pattern, as are the wide legged pants and then my imagination took it from there!

Of course when Lulu saw the doll she claimed it as hers! I thiught the doll might keep me company in my sewing room but apparently no, she's moving into Lulu's room!

I think I may have to work on faces, my husband told me she looks like a scarey witch! Maybe he still had 'sleep' in his eyes this morning when he saw her! Lulu and I think she's sweet but I will admit I need to improve the face for the next one!

I love love love her dress! I used a hand dyed muslin type fabric I bought in Sydney and then I made hand cut flowers with hand dyed felted wool and musling fabric. I stitched a few off cuts together to make her scarf!

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  1. A very nice doll. The little flowers on the dress ...beautiful.

    Liebe Grüße, Kerstin