Sunday, September 08, 2013

Santa Croce Market Verucchio

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of visiting the Santa croce market in Verucchio. Three of my very creative friends had a stall there.

Firstly Patrizia - she makes a lot of bags for mummy's especially. Lulu bought a cute little rabbit, linen heart pouch and cute pussy cat fabric book cover from her.

Then dear Carla - well I've presented her ceramics to you before, she has a Facebook page Io & Bianca - stoffe e ceramiche . What can I say her stall was stunning full of 'gorgeousness'!!!! She has so many new designs in her ceramics -I want them all!!!!

 The teddy is mine!!!!

 Gorgeous new butterfly design, definintely want one of those!!!!
 Pretty, pretty, pretty!
This bunny is Lulu's but I might steal it! Carla also has bowls with all these designs, I may have to pop over to her house and put in an order!!

Finally Claudia - again a completly different style but totally gorgeous. Claudia has a Face book page Claudina and a blog as well where you catch up with all her latest creations! My spendaholic daughter (She's 7) bought the super cute panda bag!!!


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