Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lucy's designs

Every now and then, Lulu comes into my little sewing room to do some 'inspiration' drawings for me. I have a whole collection of them ,they're great! We had a birthday today for a girl and boy so we decided to make a couple of softies to add to their bought gift. Lulu designed a bear (which turned out to look like a dog!) and owl. She then chose fabrics with me, gave me my instructions and I made them up. They are so cute! For Ginevra I also decided to make a matching bag which she will find useful in so many occasions!


  1. Super cute designs by Lulu. I think it looks more like bear than a dog!

  2. I LOVE the finished results. Lulu's designs are very cute. I wish I would take the time to make things like this.