Monday, July 15, 2013

Homespun- Stocking Project

Quite some time ago we were contacted about being in two issues of the Australian Homespun magazine. Our first project was two cushions in a Vintage French style and the second one was supposed to be two over-sized Christmas stockings for the Christmas in July issue. Below is a picture from the magazine of the two stockings that we designed. The one on the left was made by Rachel and the one of the right was made by Sarah. We went with a hexagon and Woodland theme as these are two things that we love and can't get enough of.
Homespun Magazine did a fantastic job at putting the pattern together from our instructions. They make them very easy to follow. 
For full instructions and the pattern, you will need to purchase the July 2013 issue of Homespun Magazine which came out last week in Australia. You can also purchase a digital copy here. We are also loving the new look of Homespun magazine which has recently been revamped. It's become more up-to-date with the modern, online crafting world.

We really hope that people like our creations!!

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