Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Chevron Baby Girl Quilt

I have recently had several friends who have had babies and finally one of my friends has had a girl (the rest were boys). This gave me the opportunity to make a very girly quilt with some of my pretty fabrics. I have wanted to make a chevron quilt for quite some time and was inspired by several quilts that I saw on Pinterest.
Below is a photo of the back of the quilt. I like backs that are a mix of different fabrics. The top purple fabric and bottom spotted fabric are both vintage sheets. There are so many great designs that you can get that are vintage sheets which I buy on Etsy. I have looked for them in Sydney but can't seem to find any in Charity stores. I always hear about people finding absolute bargains in these types of stores but I haven't been so lucky!!
The quilt was quilted on the machine. I basically quilted double lines that followed the pattern of the chevron. It made a really nice effect on the back of the quilt.
 For the binding, I used the same white and grey spot that I used for the chevron. This is a nice effect for a baby's quilt as it is quite soft.

My 7 year old son said that this was the best thing that I have made this year and asked me to make him one exactly the same except he wants me to change the pink for blue. I guess that will have to be my next quilt project.

I have also started making some cute applique cushions to go along with this quilt and will blog them once I am done.

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