Saturday, January 05, 2013

A Few Projects

Here are a few things that I made over Christmas. I designed a whole heap of softies ages ago and have a lot cut up but hadn't sewed them together so I decided to make one for a little girl to go along with a really cute book that I bought her about a bunny. I this that the bunny is really cute and now Rach and mum want me to make them some softies as well. I really should get onto that.
Inspired by a lot of beautiful images of wrapping presents on Pinterest, I decided to be a little creative with Washi Tape, coloured tissue paper, brown paper, ribbon and a pop of neon PINK. This is one sample and there is another under the bunny above. I used a whole range of colours so every present was different to the next.
I made this little bag for Lulu (Rach's daughter) to keep her little things in. This is another project that I have have been thinking about for ages and also need to get onto and get some in my Etsy shop so I stop driving Rach insane by not doing anything!!!! That will be my goal for 2013- stop thinking about ideas and start making them and get my Etsy shop going!!!!!!

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