Saturday, December 01, 2012

Draft stoppers and things!

Finally I'm getting moving and blogging a few orders sent recently. I made these draft stoppers (paraspifferi) for an Italian customer. Her sister has a really long window 1,90mt so she asked for a draft stopper to go along the window. It's near her couch which has some cushion I made so I made the draft stoppers to co-ordinate. We decided it was best to make them in 3 pieces which can be tied together. I used beautiful antique linen with appliqued fabrics and antique trims. Then I finished them off with a little French inspired embroidery.
For the same client I also made this fabric tree. She is going to organise a base for it. I was very pleased with how it turned and may have to study it for next year!


  1. Amo o trabalhos de vocês são românticos, lindas as rolhas, parabéns!

  2. Beautiful blog :)) love your material and your ideas ... Happy crafting :))

  3. The draft snakes are fantastic! I really need to make myself one for our drafty front door.