Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sue Spargo Class @ Material Obsession

Today I had the absolute pleasure of taking part in a class with Sue Spargo at Material Obsession in Sydney. I have looked forward to this for so long and it has taken me several years to be able to do a class as I could never fit it in with work. Several weeks ago, I picked a kit from a choice of three. I came ready with my background wools stitched down as the class was all about learning to embellish.
 When Sue arrived she started off by talking about her work and what we would learn. The great thing was she explained the different types of threads and fabrics that she uses and what needles are best with each one. Then she showed us some of her work which took our breath away. The photos I have seen in her books and on her blog just don't do them justice. Every single piece was amazing. The amount of detail in each one was inspiring and her imagination is endless as everything was so different. They are all multidimensional and they are so tactile.

I loved the quilt below. I actually have this pattern and have only made one block so far. It was the first Sue Spargo project that I attempted. This quilt was amazing. Each block is only 6" and they were much smaller than I though they would turn out but I loved them. Now I am inspired to finish this quilt!
One thing I also really loved was the way Sue quilts her work. She has different free-motion patterns all over her work. It is so perfect that it looks like she has used a pattern although I don't think that she does. Just have a look at the quilting below. I haven't quilted a quilt on the machine yet and think that I will need some practice before I attempt something like this.
I learnt lots of new stitches today and it was fun to see all the different projects that people were working on. Some of the lucky girls went to all three days of the workshop and had made lots of progress. Have a look at Sue's blog to see some of the photos from the class. Here is a sneak peak of what I did today. I haven't made much progress so will blog it when I get more done.
The exciting thing is that Sue has a new book coming out later in the year. I can't wait to get it. Here is a photo of Sue and me! She gives me lots of inspiration. It's a pity that Rach and mum couldn't be here today and I hope that they both get to go to one of her classes one day. Rach- I recommend that you go to the Italy tour as you will absolutely love it!!! If you have any photos of Sue Spargo creations that you have done, add them to my Sue Spargo Inspiration and Creation Flickr Group as I would love to see them.


  1. Oh my God i wish I was there with you Sas looks amazing and I want a photo with Sue toooooo!

  2. WOW!! Everything is so inspiring. Wish I could have taken the class too!! Thanks for sharing :).

  3. I'm doing a two day workshop in Hobart in just under three weeks and I just can't wait, so looking forward to it AND my friend and I are booked for next years Italy tour...woohoo!! very that bird...

  4. Your bird is gorgeous. Sue is so inspirational isn't she. Her work just blew me away.