Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sue Spargo Needle Roll

In August I am going to a Sue Spargo class at Material Obsession in Sydney and I can't wait!!! I have been wanting to do one of her workshops for years but they are always during the week when I have work. This year they had some on the weekend so I was so excited to be able to go. For the workshop we had the choice of three kits- one of her circles, the one with the tear drops and one with birds (see samples of tears below).

The aim of the workshop is to teach us how to embellish using a whole variety of threads, buttons, beads, ric-rac, fabrics and embroidery stitches. When I discovered Sue's work, I started collecting things like different threads and can't believe how much I now have. I selected the birds as I think it would be a funky wall hanging. Our homework was to have our shapes stitched down and ready to go. I spent two days cutting out 36 little birds and stitching them onto my background. I really wanted to do more but we had strict instructions not to open our embellishing pack until the workshop so I decided to get her 'Contemporary Folk' book and stitch one of the projects that I had wanted to do for a while- so I made the needle roll.
 The original was a pale blue but I didn't have enough of that wool so I used the same pattern in pink. I was happy with the colour combinations.
I used some ribbons, ric-rac and thread to create the pattern on the back. This was something that Sue did on another project.
Inside there is two pockets, a needle book (top right) and the center part is filled with lavender and is used for storing pins. The lavender makes the whole case smell really good.

It's only about 6 weeks until my workshop and I am counting the days!!!


  1. One Word..AMAZING :)

    It´s so much work but soo cute.


  2. I'm going to her workshop in Hobart at the Quilted Crow Girls and so looking forward to it, we haven't got our packs yet so I'm a bit worried about stitching all the leaves on before I go, perhaps I should get back to this years BoM to get some practice in..!!