Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sydney Craft and Quilt Far 2012

Today I went to the Sydney Craft and Quilt fair. It was really good as always with lots of things to buy. I came home with a bit of new fabric and a couple of patterns. I didn't go as crazy as I normally do but it was good to get some fabric from some of my favourite sellers.
The quilt show was also quite good. I took a few photos with my phone of some of my favourite quilts. Unfortunately not all the photos are in very good focus as I had to take them quickly before people walked in front. The photo below was probably the one that I liked the best. There are more photos of other quilts on Flickr.
 When I looked back at the quilts I took photos of, something became evident...... I really like applique quilts. Especially very colourful ones!!! Love the colours in the one below and the simple design.
I also bought this new pattern book by Anni Downes from Hatched and Patched. There is something in here that I want to make for Rach as I think that she will love it. Can you pick which one, Rach??


  1. Hi Sas lucky you wish I could go too! Love what you bought. I'm guessing the pouch??

  2. These projects very very beautiful!