Friday, May 04, 2012

New goodies made today

I had fun today making some pretty little pouches. Two are for i phones, ipods cameras etc, The other is a sweet pouch with has a zip closure. Going in my shop!


  1. They're cute!

  2. Hey I found your blog through Reality Jayne's blog. And I thought I'd see what you made today...and discovered I love your creativity and style. Then I saw where Rachel lives in Italy! My sister and I are bringing our parents to Italy and we leave Wednesday, In five days! I'm a bit nervous, it'll be the first stamp in my passport and I'm 53 years old! We're going to Rome and Tuscany. My parents are 76 and didn't want to travel all over Italy, so we're taking it a bit easy on them. Anyway...I'll stop blabbing...Maybe the next trip will be to Australia!

    Cindy Bee

    PS - I love that you stay connected as sisters. My sisters and I are 11 years apart, but we're still friends.