Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I'm slowly getting back into creating new things after being too busy!! Ever since I started sewing a few years ago I've seen these sweet storage containers in many Japanese craft books.I've been wanting to make my own version for some time now and have finally gotten around to it! These are quite small and are made mainly with to types of antique linen combined with a little patchwork at one end. They are so very useful, great to store hair accessories, jewellery, stationary, sewing needs or even can be used to serve biscuits etc.


  1. they came out really cute! I've seen the same type of bread baskets around in the tourist shops, with laces to lift the corners though, and a lot higher. Obviously patchwork ones are just a liiittle bit prettier! ;-)

  2. I love the combination of patchwork and linen. Very pretty.