Saturday, March 10, 2012

The copycat is back!

She has re opened un the name of Fairytale Garden (MeseKert ajánlott - in Hungarian)! Let's hope she comes up with some original ideas and stops copying people. She didn't just copy me she copied others as I recognised other articles but can't remember whose they are. I'll be keeping an eye on her to make sure she's not copying my work or the work of any other of our creative friends!!!

For some reason the link is not working on her shop name so here it is

The silly woman has visited my blog a million times today and keep stopping the link. I'll keep correcting it but if by some chance it doesn't work just copy and past it in the address bar. She obviously intends to keep on copying people. I figured out who the bunnies were from she copied I'm going to contact them and give them a warning too.


  1. Do you know how to reverse image search?? This is a great way to find out where your (her) ideas came from. Google is very easy, click on the images tab at the top of the google page, drag and drop your image into the search bar and let google do the finding.
    Excellent for alerting your friends about counterfeiting and plagiarism.
    Hope this doesn't put you off sharing your creations.

  2. Hi Mhairi thanks for letting know I didn't know how to do that I'll try. No I'm still creating and will be blogging soon. I had a lot of order to get through this week so I haven't had time.

  3. Audiatur et altera pars!

    Dear Rachel,

    Please let the “silly women” to introduce herself.
    I am living with my husband in a happy family, we have two children and we are waiting for our third one in April, that’s why I am a stay-at-home mom now. If I have some spare time, I am crafting gladly. I was working earlier in the financial sector and after that it was for me an incredible experience to feel so much positive energy while I was crafting. The crafting never meant for me a business, rather such an area of my life, where I can acquires joy to others while I was enjoying every minutes of my work.

    Yes, I made a mistake, when I was copying some of your designs first. Now I ask your forgiveness. But later, step by step my own ideas were born. To be sure, like others, I’m inspired by Japanese craft books and by Tilda books as well. I think that everybody has the right to working with designer fabrics, creating in vintage style and using various patchworks and embroider techniques as well.

    I don’t know, what you meant, when you are writing, that I was copying other of “your creative friends” too. I reject these charges strongly. My little bunnies were designed by me. I made some soft toys and also some bags using this design already in 2011.

    Yes, it is true, I have opened a new shop, but not for copying other’s work. I did not want your bird motive being listed neither among my sold items nor among my feedbacks. The new shop means, that I have lost all my feedbacks and favourites and I have to starting from the scratch.

    I like your works very much, and indeed I was reading your blog quite often. But after your post on 27th of February I did not opened your blog to avoid the further charge of plagiarism.
    I am very sorry but am not able to stop a link thanks my poor computer skills. I think you should enquire further to catch the person, who wanted to stop the link.
    My mother, whose hobby is creating patchwork items and often read relating blogs, warned me today. She advised me to read what you are writing about me, and told me, that I should write a comment to protect myself.

    I don’t mind if you will be keeping an eye on my shop. It will be funny, like in the 50th-80th during the communism Moreover I would like to ask you to write me directly, if you have any problem, note or comment. I think it would be fair if you contact me first, before write about me a post in your blog. I think everybody has the right to presumption of innocence before being condemned in public.
    My e-mail address: In the next few months I might not list many new items in the shop, because I want to dedicate myself to our third baby and my family.

    I can’t imagine who could be that nice person, who informed you about my new shop. I think it would be fair if also this person contact me first.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I am still shocked, that someone- first time in my life- classified me as a “silly woman”.

    I wish you further success in your work and a lot of positive energy!


  4. Well I'm sorry you feel offended and victimised but unfortunately what you did was wrong, I should be the one who is offended not you. There was no need to accuse you as the evidence is plain for everyone to see. I too am a stay at home mum I have worked very hard to create my little business against much opposition. I pay heavy taxes here and so for me it's disappointing to see someone passing off my designs as their own and selling them.

    Of course everyone is inspired by books and other people's work this normal but blatant copying and selling is not on.

    Re the bunnies they seem very similar to someone's my sister posted about unfortunately you removed the image (why would you do that?) so i can't refer back to them.

    I would have contacted you but can't understand Hungarian and did not feel like registering on your website in order to do so.

    I wish you well for you business with your own creations! The person who told was very honest and surprised!

    I thank you for contacting me and apologising it's very much appreciated.