Sunday, February 05, 2012

Easter Tutorials and Patterns

Want to make something really cute for Easter?? I though that I would share some of my favourite patterns that you can buy and some free tutorials.

The following are great patterns that you can buy from Etsy.

Bunny Embroidery pattern by Bumpkin.

Easter treat bags from Winter Peach.

How cute are these Easter Finger Puppets?? I would love to make them. The pattern is from FloralBlossom.

This is a very large pattern for a Bunny Rabbit from Dolls and Day Dreams. It's almost 50cm tall.

This pattern is called Peekaboo Bunny. Its quite a large softy available from The Little Tiny.

How adorable is this bunny?? The colour combination is very Easter! I love it and want to make some. The pattern comes from GandGPatterns on Etsy. All her patterns are adorable.... I want so many!

Here are some of my favourite FREE tutorials. I would like to make them all!!!
I want to make one of these in pretty Easter colours- Doorstop Bunny by Wee Folk Art.

Such a cute Rabbit Bag by Zakka Inspired.

Easter Bunny Basket by Disdressed.

Chickummy from Whip Up.

Fabric Easter Eggs from Retro Mama.

I want to make heaps of these!!! Love Birds from Molly Chicken.

Easter Birdy from Molly Chicken.

This adorable little bunny from My Little Mochi.


  1. OMG these are great Sas I can see some new Easter present on their way to Lulu!

  2. Thanks so much for adding my Bunny Rabbit Pattern into the mix :) They might be big ... but they are very huggable :) hehehe Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

    Take care Sarah x

  3. Hi Sarah!

    thank you for this list! i'm on the lookout for ideas to craft something for my friend's baby due in April! found your blog and i love your creations!