Monday, February 27, 2012

Copycat??? What do you think??

My sister, Rach had a bad day yesterday!!! Firstly she was in her local supermarket in Italy when she picked up a craft magazine to find an image on the front cover of a pouch she made. She opened the magazine to find a whole page of images of different items that she had made. The people who produced the magazine did not contact her and ask permission to publish her work. They did however write this blog address so at least they gave her the credit. After she got over the shock of seeing her work published without her permission she realised that it may hopefully give her a little extra business.

Later in the day she received a message from a lovely person who informed her that a lady from the Ukraine is basically copying her work with some slight variations and selling it online. Rach had a look and many of the similarities are undeniable. Have a look at the comparisons below and see if you think they are copies or just a coincidence. There is no doubt that she had copied her bird design which is pretty original. She says the work is designed by herself but I think she has had a little help!!!

The photos on the left are from Lollipopup.
The photos on the right are original designs by Rach.What can you do?????


  1. Have you tried to reverse image search your items. When you do sometimes things like this come up. If they are so similar then Google will find them. I truly hope that things like this don't stop you from showing us your amazing creations, they are an inspiration and a lovely addition to my day.

  2. Your quilts are so lovely! :)
    Hugs, Ulla

  3. Can't believe there are low life's like that who copy other people's work and pass it as their own. Ask your sister to contact this woman and demand an explanation!!

  4. The lady has actually removed her profile details and her items for sale so we this that she got the message. There were some other things in her shop that we think were other people's designs as well so she has removed everything!!! We really don't mind people people being inspired by our work as lots of people inspire us but not exactly copying and selling online. I know it can be hard to come up you your own style but the more you make, the more it becomes distinctly yours. That's what Rach has done and now she has a very particular style which is great. Thanks everyone for your support of Rach!

  5. Your work is completely gorgeous ,everything looks so well made and unique ,i love all your work xx

  6. I think I would also send a cease or desist letter . . .