Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Matryoskas placemat

Babushka or Matryoska? This is the million dollar question! In fact, my sister and I often call them Babushka but I believe that is wrong. My friend Tatiana from Russia tells me a Babushka is an old hag. I think it's best we call these girls 'Matryoska' not old hags!!!!

Anyway back on track, I have designed 3 Christmassy placemats with 'Matryoska' and have finished one! Bit of a vagabond lately, doing a lot of procrastinating! Here I used linen and cotton fabrics, hand appliqued, hand quilted and embroidered the whole placemat. It was really fun to make. I was thinking a matching bread/danish/nut/candy basket might work out well too (if I ever stop procrastinating)!


  1. I love the place mat its cute. i have heard them being called both names to xxxx

  2. Yes, it Matryoshka, a pretty young girl! she's so sweet!
    and why babushka - is "an old hag"? LOL))))) most likely it's "granny"))

  3. I was taught that babushka means grandmother :) and I also heard this dolls called both names - I think it's because of the way their head wrap is tied - it's the way rather of elder women :)