Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sewing case/Trousse 'Paris'

I have so many projects on the go at the moment! I'm just trying to methodically finish each one off before I move to the next one. It's great because we've really had a stinky hot, humid summer here in Italy. I find it so difficult to work in hot sticky weather so it's been incredibly frustating. We're having our last days of boiling hot weather and then hopefully Monday the temp will drop to the norm! Oh and Lucy starts Elementary school so I'll extra creative time!! Maybe I should out my 2 quilts I have to finish!

Back to my 'Paris' trousse. I've designed a few different ones of these I just love them (others not complete yet). Rather than making just a needlecase this one has a decent sized pocket which can fit a small hoop, trim, scissors and so on. I used some beautiful linen/hemp blend fabric I bought at the antique market. I was going to sell the fabric in my shop but I love the weight and texture so much I decided to use some of it. I do have a three yard piece which is similar which I am selling though. The trim is handmade and antique as well. The other fabrics on the front I bought from this great seller on Etsy 'Homestead treasures', love, love, love her stuff! Inside I used a beautiful wool felt I buy here in Italy for needles and pins, the pocket is a wonderful Japanese linen. Then I embellished with some lovely cross stitch.

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