Saturday, July 02, 2011

Magnolia Quilt Block 4

This is my fourth block in my Magnolia Quilt. It takes a bit of time to complete each block due to the embroidery. Whilst it is simple stitching, it does take time to decide what to do and also decide when to stop. You need to be a bit controlled or you can probably take it a little too far. I really enjoy using a variety of threads. My collection is building and range from cotton, perle, silk, wool, chenille e.t.c. I have a lot of plain colours as well as an increasing range of variegated and hand-dyed threads. I can't believe that I recently went to the Quilt and Craft fair and did not buy one piece of cotton fabric.... instead I bought felted wools and threads.
The crossed pattern on the flowers are silk threads that are hand-dyed. I might add some beading later. I have some beads but need to increase my range for this type of quilt.

Here is the full block (un-ironed). I am excited to start block 5. I will do that tonight. I have also started a Flickr group for work inspired by Sue Spargo. If you do make some of her work or are inspired by her, add some photos.

I also wanted to let people know a few great places to source wool as it can be hard to find especially in Australia. A recent website that I bought from and found very cheap was Ram in the Thicket. Wool can be very expensive and her prices are great. She also have a huge range of colours to select from which can be a little overwhelming at first but will you will probably find just what you need. We also buy from a couple of different people on Etsy- Quilting Acres here colours are fantastic and she has come great textured/patterned wools. Three Sheep Studio also has some great colours and textures/patterns. Finally an Australian artist who has some nice wools is Anni from Hatched and Patched.


  1. Hi sas, it's fantastic. i'm so looking forward to your next piece!

  2. It looks great ! Absolutely wunderful !
    Greetings from Bavaria