Friday, June 03, 2011

Jude Hill

I just love Jude Hills work. So I came across her blog the other day Spirit Cloth and from there visited her shop. She has some E-lessons there which you watch online and she really takes you through her thought processes. I bought her whispering hearts series and am thoroughly enjoying it. It's always so inspiring to learn from people who are completely different to you. I have picked up all kinds of methods and tips from her. She uses a lot of hand dyed fabrics, scraps and so on. I have loads of antique linen left overs so it's a great excercise for me.

The other day I was cutting pieces for a quilt for a boy and i found myself cutting little hearts from the scraps and putting them to one side. Then i started playing around with them and made this lovely unique Cell phone/i-pod/i-phone pouch. It's really delicate and pretty. I used some antique linen, French linen and lace all layered on top of each other and then embroidered.

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