Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Totes for a custom order

I made these totes for a customer order. It's funny I've made some many of these bags but still enjoy making them. I love combining the fabrics and seeing the end result which is always different! I especially love the way the Matryoska bags turned out. I may have to make some more for my shop!


  1. Você só faz coisas lindassss!!!
    É tudo perfeito!!! Meu parabéns!
    bjs, Tati Xavier.

  2. Hi there!
    Been following your blog for a few weeks and it is such a highlight every time you publish a new post. I just have a question about your totes: As far as I can tell you use felt for some of the appliques and I was just wondering how washable this would make your totes? Best wishes from Cape Town in Sunny South Africa!!

  3. I absolutely adore these bags! Lovely, great job designing and sewing.

  4. Beautiful bags, love the colours and the way you have used a crochet doily as a flower.
    Beautiful :))

  5. These are lovely, your colours are very girlie, I love them :o)

  6. Thanks so much for your kind comments. In answer to JOYFULMAMMA - I recommend a gentle wash for the bags also because there is embroidery. I use very good quality felt which shouldn't have too many problems with washing. When I first started sewing I appliques with felt onto a singlet for my daughter. I used poor quality felt which has pilled a bit but it's ok and I've washed the singlet heaps of times so I think the bags will be ok with gentle cold washing.