Thursday, January 06, 2011

My New Painting by Tanya from Roocci

This is my fantastic new painting that I bought at Hide and Seek Market in December from a stall called Roocci. Rach and I had a stall at the market and always like to look at some of the things that other people are doing. This stall owned by Tanya, had wonderful original artworks as well as prints of her artworks. Most of the paintings were of Australian animals. I normally hate paintings of Australian animals but these were soooo cute. Initially I purchased several prints (I will have to blog them later as I haven't taken a photo of them yet- the dingos are to die for!!)but loved the original paining above. I went back to my stall and kept looking back at the painting. With a little encouragement from Rach I decided that I had to buy the painting. I was so excited to get it home and hang it up. It's my first large artwork that I have bought. I have had many nice comments on it when people come over and see it. Rach, one of my friends and I all bought several of her prints. They are great and we think that she is an undiscovered talent who will go a long way. I suggest you get in early before she gets too big and you can afford an original!! Have a look at her website and Facebook page. I know that I will be back for more!

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