Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sue Spargo Magnolia Quilt- Progress so far

I have wanted to make this quilt for ages (Sue Spargo's Original above) and finally got the book with the pattern. I love the idea of mixing different fabric as well as embellishments to create more of an artwork than a quilt. This is the style of Sue Spargo. When you read her book and she gives suggestions of how to embellish your quilt she says that is addictive. I can understand why.

Block 3 above- work in progress.

Block 2 above- not finished yet- needs to be embellished.

Block 1 above- basically done but may add more embellishment and bird to come later.

As you can see from my blocks my colours are quite different. I hope that it looks good once done!! It's been fun so far. I have collected some interesting fabrics, ric-rac, ribbons, threads, beads etc.


  1. I like your blog, is beautiful!!!!
    Congratulacions from Brazil,

  2. Yes, like Jud, I found your work very beautiful. Congratulations!

  3. This will be a very creative and fine quilt!
    The house is so beautiful with all the little details:)

  4. Your version is gorgeous! Very inspiring to see the original quilt and your interpretation of it. Looking forward to seeing the final quilt!