Thursday, January 06, 2011

Santa Sacks for Christmas at Dad's

For Christmas our Dad requested 10 stockings! We had 5 boys and 5 girls. Sarah made the girlie stockings and Rach made the ones for the boys. They looked fantastic hanging over dad's fireplace which of course was not lit as it's summer here in Oz!!!!

We have gone a bit stocking mad this year. We have both probably made over 20 stockings for orders, family, markets and Etsy. They are quite fun to do and we have lots more ideas which we will have to save for Christmas 2011. For now we just want to do something different as we are so over making Christmas stuff!


  1. Again, such beautiful work! I'm sad I missed this season. Next year! ;D

  2. Congratulations, your work is amazing. So beautiful!! I will add your blog on my favorites list.
    all the best!!!

    my email.