Friday, November 05, 2010

My cute little santas

I made these santas yesterday. I just loved making them I wish I had 100 hours a day to make so many more of them! There are so many ideas and possibilities and so little time, it's so frustrating! We have lovely felt here in Italy which really helps my creation process. When I love my materials they inspire me. I did make one santa with lovely French General fabric he's very cute. The santas are embellished with appplique and hand embroidered and I finished them of with a lovely moustache and felt cord. More images on flickr, going on Etsy


  1. Yes, you're right, they ARE cute little Santas! The penguin is my favourite, but actually I love them all.

  2. Oh your Santas are so wonderful.They make me smile.I LOVE them. It is beginning to feel like Christmas is coming!!

  3. Hi, I stumbled on your blog and think you two have some adorable things you've made! I live in Switzerland currently and am wondering where you buy your felt in Italy? It is expensive and sometimes difficult to find sewing supplies here for my personal sewing projects. Any suggestions?