Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas owls are here!

I've been wanting to make owl for such a long time now and finally found inspiration. What better time to start than for Christmas. These owls are so cute for the tree. They are made with gorgeous wool felt and are hand embroidered. More images on flickr


  1. You are so talented and creative! I love sewing myself but can never think of my own ideas - have to adapt others'. I can't understand how you can do them so cheaply either. I am selling felt decorations myself but they take so long I only make about £2 an hour! :)

    1. Hi Penny, thanks for your lovely comment. I can sell cheaply because I don't charge for all my time. I was always sewing as a hobby so I make something and decide what I'm happy to sell it at. If I make a lot of something at one time then it's faster than making just 2 or 3.

      Regards Rachel